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Employees' Rights

Employers often put their own profits ahead of the welfare of the employees that generate those very profits. Zigler Law Group lawyers have successfully fought workplace abuses for years.   Some examples include:

Senne v. The Office of the Comm’r of Baseball

Minor League baseball players are paid less than minimum wage during the season and not paid at all during Spring Training. Current and former minor leaguers sought to recover their back pay and for injunctive relief requiring players to be paid minimum wage and overtime in the future. 

Plaintiffs won certification of an FLSA collective and a Rule 23 class of minor leaguers who played in California in the trial court. Senne, 2017 WL 897338 (N.D. Cal. Mar. 7, 2017). On appeal, the Ninth Circuit found that a class of Arizona and Florida players should be certifiedSenne v. Kansas City Royals Baseball Corp., 934 F.3d 918 (9th Cir. 2019).  The case is set for trial in June 2022. 

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